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Chafing FuelLearn More

Chafing Fuel

We offer a complete line of chafing fuels to match all industry needs. Our line of warmers can match your dynamic need for a reliable and safe food warming solution. Whatever your requirement, rest assure that our chafing fuels are all clean burning and meet all industry standards for foodservice and consumer safety.
LiquidLight™ Fuel CellsLearn More

LiquidLight™ Fuel Cells

Our LiquidLight™ Fuel Cells are oil candles made of highly refined paraffin oil which burn with absolutely no smoke, emit absolutely no smell and last much longer than their respective wax candle substitute. Most importantly, our oil candles are spill proof, consumer safe and completely recyclable.
Wax CandlesLearn More

Wax Candles

LeoLight’s wax candles are made of the cleanest and most highly refined paraffin wax. Built with your standards in mind, our wax candles are non-dripping and straight burning. As well, our products are of the highest quality emitting no smell, soot nor smoke.
Candle HoldersLearn More

Candle Holders

LeoLight’s extensive assortment of holders for wax, oil and LED candles is sure to suit your unique style and décor. Whether rustic, contemporary, modern or urban you can be sure to find the right product from LeoLight.
ImagilightsLearn More


Imagilights are a European designed line of LED lighting products designed to take your ambiance to the next level. With a range of products that include Table Lighting, Champagne Coolers, Serving Trays, Seats and Accent Lighting, Imagilights let you create a space that stands out from the crowd.
Butane & AccessoriesLearn More

Butane & Accessories

Our gas products are chef-preferred and easy to use. Our butane products meet all industry safety and operational requirements. You can trust G Brand butane and accessories to product the best results every time.
Quick CateringLearn More

Quick Catering

LeoLight's line of Quick Catering tools is perfect for fast set-ups and efficient clean up. With multiple sizes to meet all uses. LeoLight's wire racks, pans and party packs ensure maximum durability throughout your event. Paired with our safe DEG wick chafing fuels, these tools will ensure success for your on-the-go catering needs.
E-Flame LED CandlesLearn More

E-Flame LED Candles

LeoLight's exclusive E-Flame Candles use highly advanced chip technology to control the bulb's radiating flicker and reproduce the ambiance of a real flame with LED, while eliminating both the risk of fire and the mess of melted wax.

WIRE WOVEN WICKFlame Control Means Efficiency.

LeoLight’s adjustable stem wick chafing fuels are made with a durable wick interwoven with metal wire to allow the user to permanently set the wick at the desired setting. Adjust the wick to low, standard or high heat setting for your specific warming, heating or boiling requirement. Operate more efficiently, and always be assured that you have the one fuel that will serve all of your needs.

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This is the factory default wick setting, best for maintaining serving temperatures in most warming dishes. Simply remove plastic cap and light. An ideal heat for most service functions.


Cook food and boil water. Before lighting, grip wick and gently pull up until the wick stops. Spread wick loops as shown, then light. It is ideal for hot pot service or wherever high heat is required.


Ideal for low temperature requirements, such as beverage warming or fondue. Before lighting, gently grasp wick and push down. It is ideal for simple warming below a chaffing dish.


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